Aluminum is environmentally friendly, lightweight, recyclable and virtually unbreakable. Our pallets can be easily cleaned and sanitized. They are non-corrosive and there is no risk of contamination from wood or wood-borne pesticides. AL pallets are built to withstand heavy forklift use, can be easily handled by one person and there is no risk of injury from nails or broken pieces of wood. Aluminum pallets are fireproof, a feature that often reduces insurance rates. We offer ultra light, heavy-duty, clean factory, and box pallets. We customize to exact specifications and we also offer the most competitive rates for the best return on investment.

Here are more reasons to choose AL Pallet

  • ISPM-15 compliant
  • SAFE – No injuries from nails or pieces of wood
  • HEAVY DUTY – Durable and advanced structural reliability
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN – Saves time and labor
  • CLEAN – No product contamination or pesticides
  • PATENTED DESIGN–Allows higher weight to load ratio
  • PORTABLE – Lighter than steel or wood
  • FIREPROOF – Lower insurance costs
  • VERSATILE–Easy customization for your company needs
  • COST EFFECTIVE- Lasts longer and saves money for your company
  • RECYCLABLE – High scrap value and eco-friendly
  • LOW COST – No middle man you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer