Al Pallet, the company always considers the environment and continuously changes itself for our clients.

AL Pallet Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, manufactures the most competitive aluminum pallets in the world. Using patented technology and methodology we produce aluminum pallets that are lighter and stronger than competing wood, paper or aluminum pallets. When you compare the total cost of ownership of our pallets with any competing products, the AL Pallet advantage is clear.

Since 2002, AL Pallet has been devoted to developing, manufacturing and marketing/selling a number of different types and configurations of aluminum pallets with aims to globally commercializing the aluminum pallet business.

By adding a patented design to the light-weight aluminum, we are able to manufacture our strong but light weight aluminum pallets which has lead AL Pallet supply to major companies such as Samsung, LGE Mobile, Nokia TMC and numerous corporate companies.  We are currently focusing to expand globally.

Aluminum pallets are 100% reusable and recyclable making them the ultimate eco-friendly product. AL Pallet’s light weight design reduces fuel consumption saving our customers money as well as promoting an eco- friendly image.

Also, the CO2 emissions from aluminum pallets are significantly less than other materials, which can lead to financial benefits for companies that have in place carbon emission credit trading programs.

Our ultimate goal is to continuously expand the markets to commercialize aluminum pallets and we are working diligently to become a global leader in the aluminum pallet marketplace.

Thank you.

“AL Pallet” team members