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Clean Factory

Clean Factory Pallet is a product designed to meet the global needs of the pharmaceutical, food & beverage and retail industries.  This pallet is suitable for the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards that the industries require. It is also economically friendly with a high scrap value after its life.

Size: custom
Top deck boards: 6~8 approx.
Bottom deck boards: 2~3 approx.
Pallet height: 5.9 inch
Entry: 4-way
Entry Height: custom
Weight: 25 lbs average
Load:  up to 6,600+ lbs

1. Pharmaceutical factories/plants
2. Food & beverage, retail industries
3. Electronics manufacturing plants
4. Other clean rooms / factories

Clean Factory Pallet product is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. It is suitable for pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, food & beverage companies, other clean rooms / clean factories.   Clean Factory Pallet is not only suitable for the industries mentioned above but for all products that requires strict sanitary restriction.


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