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Bulk AL Pallet (Model B – Bulk Boxes)

The ultra-light high-strength aluminum pallet is designed to reduce logistics costs. Ultra Light Aluminum Pallet is an optimal value-saving on air transport. It is also economically friendly with a high scrap value after its life.

Size: custom
Top deck boards: 7 approx.
Bottom deck boards: 3 aprox.
Entry: 4-way / 2-way
Entry height: custom
Pallet height: approx. 5.9 inches
Weight: 9 lbs average
Load:  up to 2500 + lbs

1. Air-transport
2. Short term usage (Light usage)
3. Model B is for Bulk boxes

Ultra Light AL Pallet product was designed so that it would have the lightest weight and is most suitable for transport methods such as air or ground transport.

This product can help reduce logistics costs and also the elegant design can help enhance the product image.


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