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The Kyoto Protocol lays out 3 methods (carbon emission credit trading, CDM, joint implementation) in which to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Ultra-light aluminum pallets are the optimal choice for the environment and companies as it can not only help protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions but also it can help realize financial benefits from the carbon emission credit trading program.

Carbon Discharge Volume Reduction

The result of a study conducted by the Korea Environment Industry Institute on the carbon emission coefficients by the different basic materials.














(kg CO2/pallet)

62.43 160.96 145.15 179.47 114.97

The above table shows the carbon emission amount that would be produced by material in the case that a pallet was produced in Korea and was shipped to Dallas, US to be discarded.

The table also shows that the aluminum pallet has the least amount of carbon emissions during its life cycle. Especially when considering that fuel consumption increases as the weight of the material being transported increases, the ultra-light aluminum pallet is advantageous across all transportations including truck/ship/air/rail.

The above comparison table is only the case of using a one-time single-use pallet. In other way, the emissions gap will be even larger if you take into account the reusability of a pallet.

In case of after-using, the aluminum pallet is recyclable and reusable making a highly efficient raw material compared other material –made pallets

If we cut down trees which play a key role of resolving CO2 for product-making,
It would be negative effects on the
environment and the main source
of global warming as well.

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